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About us

Greiner MULTIfoam is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of high-quality composite foams and operates at three locations in Europe. We are an independent part of the globally active Greiner AG with its headquarters in Kremsmünster, Austria.

Our focus is in manufacturing and customised production of high-quality composite foams made from the unused cutting residues of polyurethane foam processing in our plants in Austria and Poland. Our foams are used as a material for the automotive-, sports-, construction-, shoe- and furniture industries.

Our second mainstay is the production of high-quality materials made of cork, rubber cork, as well as pure rubber in our factory in Germany – GuKoTech GmbH. These products find application in the fields of building protection, load securing, soundproofing, acoustics and footfall sound insulation.

Over 40 years’ experience in dealing with recycling technologies make us specialists in the careful treatment of the environment and resources. New, high-quality products arise from the processing of recyclable secondary raw materials.

Increasing quality requirements with respect to emissions, mechanical properties, but also the demand for supply in customer-specific dimensions have become a core competence of Greiner MULTIfoam.

As a manufacturer of high-quality composite foam, we are a reliable partner for all interested parties – customers, suppliers, employees, owners and society.

Greiner AG

Greiner MULTIfoam is part of Greiner Foam international, one of the four divisions of the Greiner AG, and as such can call on a stable network with respect to structural and financial points.

Greiner was founded in Germany in 1868 and in Austria in 1899 and has been in 100 percent family ownership since then. The diversification of products and markets, which distinguishes the group, forms the basis for continuous growth.

Greiner is headquartered in Kremsmünster, Austria, and has four operation divisions comprised by Greiner Packaging, Greiner Bio-One, Greiner Foam and Greiner Extrusion. Greiner is one of the leading producers of foam and processors of plastics for the packaging, furniture, sport, automotive, medical technology and pharmaceutical sectors. It also numbers among the top manufacturers of extrusion lines, tools and complete profile extrusion plants.

In the 2018 financial year, Greiner achieved sales revenues of EUR 1.631 billion and employed a workforce of over 10,000 at 140 locations in 33 countries. The Greiner CEO is Axel Kühner and its CFO is Hannes Moser.


Mission statement

Our customers – Customer first
Are our valuable partners, whose goal it is to find their requirements met within our product solutions. Ongoing innovation, top quality, latest technologies and extremely short delivery times result in a competitive advantage for our customers.
Our employees
People who demand a high degree of appreciation, trust, responsibility, humanity and entrepreneurship are for us the basis for both personal and corporate development.
State of the art production and manufacturing plants guarantee the highest problem-solving competences. Investment in research and development and continuous development of our know-how form the basis for our market leadership.
Sustainability - for a clean environment
Our top priorities are environmentally friendly production and uncompromising adherence to the laws. In the development of new products, we pay attention to the protection of resources and identifying recycling possibilities.


The Greiner AG code of conduct forms the basis of our compliance system.

In the spirit of our code of conduct, to preserve trust and respect for customers, business partners and employees and to meet the demands according to our values, we are committed fully to the Greiner philosophy that puts long-term, trust, growth, humanity, responsibility, integrity, openness, sustainability and self-confidence at the centre of everything we do, and also to the principles derived therefrom (rules of conduct). For us as Greiner MULTIfoam the following things are of central importance:

We live our values and we behave in a legally and ethically correct manner!

Our code of conduct is of course also available to you as our customer and business partner in the download area.

Certification of the Greiner Compliance Management System according to ISO 19600

We are pleased to inform you about the certification of our Greiner Compliance Management System according to ISO 19600 at all Greiner locations worldwide.

Certificate: Certificate Greiner Austrian Standards

Quality and certifications

Quality and certifications

Our quality management is a tightly integrated part of the process, with the goal of continually optimising our services.

We check the quality of our products continuously in our factory testing laboratories.

By integrating our suppliers within our quality system, we ensure that the products produced by us comply with our quality guidelines.

Compliance with the regulations set by authorities and other regulatory requirements is a matter of course for us.

Our locations in Austria and Poland are ISO 9001 certified. Our certificates are available in the download area.


Together with our customers, partners and universities, we develop ambitious and production-ready products from innovative ideas.

We are happy to meet specific customer needs such as for example colouring, electrical conductivity, and low emissions.


With our environmental policy, we want to make our contribution to the sustainable development of society and the environment.

The materials used are systematically evaluated and there is an assessment of the risks to safety, health and environment, which might emanate from them.

Our composite foam products are eco-friendly and harmless. They are CFC-free, recyclable, water-neutral and can be disposed of in the domestic refuse.

Our location in Austria is certified according to the ISO 14001 environmental management system. Our certificate is available in the download area.

All employees participate in this obligation.

We are part of an environmentally aware team.

Dipl.-Ing.(FH) Marcus Ehrentreich

Managing Director, Greiner MULTIfoam