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Our focus is on the high-quality production and customised manufacture of composite foam based on unused cutting residues from polyurethane foam processing. Our foams are used as a material for the automotive-, sports-, construction-, shoe- and furniture industries.

Our second mainstay is the production of high-quality materials made of cork, rubber cork, as well as pure rubber. These products find application in the fields of building protection, load securing, soundproofing, acoustics and footfall sound insulation.


Artificial turf, sports flooring, impact walls, mat cores, archery, agility

An Extraordinary Experience
for Your Artificial Turf Pitch

Greiner MULTIfoam sets new standards especially in the sports industry. matchbase.pro® – the professional sportshock pad – is a unique elastic layer, which was designed as a shock absorbing underlay in combination with artificial turf surfaces and indoor sport floors.

The introduction of a durable, resilient layer between the base and the synthetic grass provides a greater degree of comfort to players and this for the entire lifetime of the product due to our polyurethane technology where compression set resistance plays a vital role.

Unlike closed cell systems, which are vulnerable to fatigue due to their cell structure, matchbase.pro® offers long-lasting product performance and durability under extreme weather and playing conditions. The open cell structure and flexible cell walls are the beating heart of our foam resulting in a constant and consistent performance according to the various sports standards. But whether you want to enhance the water retention capabilities of your hockey field or improve the cooling effect of your football or rugby pitch, in every case, matchbase.pro® is the right choice for your application. The material is also extremely well suited for use with heating systems thus providing all-year round playing possibilities. Since the material is supplied in rolls to the desired length, it can be installed quickly and easily.

Easy Handling. Simple and Easy Installation.
No Tape Required. Time and Cost Saving.

The installation of matchbase.pro® is much easier and quicker than traditional, light weighted rolls, panel systems or in-situ elayers. matchbase.pro® can be installed in less than a day under any weather conditions as no wind or rain have an impact on its installation. Due to the high density of matchbase.pro®, the material rolls out flat and firmly lays on the surface giving a smooth, homogeneous and even aspect. The artificial turf can then be easily installed on top of matchbase.pro®. No cuts or cross sections are needed to compensate for expansion or shrinkage during and over installation. The rolls are cut to length and no tape is required thus saving time and costs.

Part of the Perfect System,
Better with a Shock Pad

Artificial grass is not only a new trend; it also offers a real alternative to natural grass, offering consistent playing characteristics in all-weather conditions.

A high quality artificial turf is laid down in various stages and the performance is determined not only by the top layer.

An essential part of this system is the use of matchbase.pro® for the optimal durability of the artificial top layer. The introduction of matchbase.pro® together with a short pile artificial turf also reduces the need for maintenance compared with a traditional long pile artificial turf system where compactation of the infill jeopardizes the playing characteristics of the pitch. The extreme resiliency of our open cell polyurethane foam ensures that the infill will stay loose thus providing a perfect system for trouble-free exercise of your favorite sports.

Exploring the inviting environment in which they live is an exciting adventure for children day in, day out. They discover the world through their curiosity. Full of beans and with enquiring minds, there are bound to be a few scrapes and bumps along the way.

We offer a certified two-layer floor system to ensure adequate safety in children’s playgrounds, schoolyards or other open spaces where there is an increased risk of injury due to falls. Our matchbase.play, a highly flexible layer of open-cell polyurethane foam, forms the base layer. This is followed by a wearing layer of artificial turf backfilled with quartz sand.

matchbase.play complies with the standard DIN EN 1177:2009 for impact attenuating playground surfacing and is available in two versions:

matchbase.play 40 mm – suitable for a maximum fall height of 1.9 m

matchbase.play 20 mm – suitable for a maximum fall height of 1.3 m


Step and walking sound, door insulations

High Performance in Impact Noise Reduction

base are environmentally friendly and sustainable materials especially developed to meet highest standards in noise reduction.
acousticbase may consist of different recycled components such as flexible PUR foam, cork, recycled rubber or rubber-cork. Each of these materials can be used under any floor covering e.g. ceramic tiles or parquet floor.

  • Outstanding impact noise reduction
  • Quick and easy to install
  • Low VOC (carbon) emissions
  • Highly sustainable and completely recyclable
  • Good resilience, outstanding recovery
  • Can qualify for LEED credits
  • acousticbase foam – low weight
  • Suitable for many types of subfloors
  • Tailor-made roll length possible
  • Available in rolls and sheets
  • Very comfortable to walk on


For premium vehicles

Composite foam is used as a sound-absorber as mouldings or cut parts in premium segment vehicles.

Products are manufactured specifically for the automotive sector at Greiner MULTIfoam with high quality standards. These are characterised by low weight, excellent acoustic properties and low emissions, and have long proved themselves as a core material for luggage floors and insert panels in motor vehicles.

Greiner MULTIfoam responded immediately to the permanently increasing demands for low emissions and durability, and set new standards in this area.


Foam in the shoe

We offer individual solutions made in composite foam for the shoe industry. Our composite foams are used for example in ski boots, as insoles in shoes, as well as in safety footwear.

Our foams in this product segment especially differentiate themselves by their properties – they absorb odours, regulate moisture, are thermally deformable, breathable, keep their shape, and are permanently elastic and durable. We can also equip them with antibacterial or antistatic properties.

Construction technology

Building protection, expansion pads and green roofs

Building protection

The GuKoTech building protection mat is suited to almost all applications in flat roof construction, as a base for terraces and balconies, in civil engineering and construction, and as a protective coating against mechanical damage to insulation and building structures.

PUR bound rubber granulate is used in the form of slabs or rolls as building protective material (protective layer) according to DIN Standard.

Expansion pads

Composite foam is a very stable and flexible material, which has proved highly usable in pipework installation. The simple assembly of these custom pieces using longitudinal depressions provides optimum protection against mechanical and also thermal influences.

Green roofs / substrate mats

For different green roof systems, we offer various variants of vegetation mats made of composite foam, designed specifically for plant growth.
On request these vegetation mats can be provided with special starter fertilisers or long-lasting organic fertilisers. Due to the high water storage capacity of the foam, only a small layer of any substrate is necessary, and therefore this system is ideally suited for use in lightweight systems.


Load securing

Our cargo safety mats are manufactured in rubber composite material made in Germany and are certified according to VDI 2700 as an anti-slip mat at the Fraunhofer IML.
Our anti-slip mat is available as rolls, slabs or cut product. The coefficient of sliding friction is up to µ = 0.78 N / mm² measured on the test set-up floor with an EPAL Euro wooden pallet.

Further applications

There are no limits to the imagination

Stable mats - comfort for animals

Composite rubber stall mats are ideally suited for hard cold concrete floors in stabling areas.

This covering, developed by us a long time ago, and well-proven, has been further developed. A core material made of composite foam improves the weight distribution, reduces pressure points of the animals and offers higher lying comfort than traditional stabling floor systems.

Plant cultivation mats

Due to the high water storage capacity and the very good drainage properties, our foams are ideal for the cultivation of plants.
We are happy to individualise cultivation mats for the desired length, width and thickness. There is also the possibility to equip the mats with a special starter fertiliser or long-lasting organic fertilisers.


Gladly, we offer individual solutions to protect your valuable products.

Desinfection mats

Our disinfectant mats are tried and tested for their compatibility with commonly used disinfectants against bacteria and viruses.

The foam is used as a storage medium for the disinfectant, storing it back in the pores when unloaded.

High-strength composite foam mats in appropriate sizes have proven themselves to be very well suited to being crossed by all vehicles for disinfecting of tyres. This prevents an introduction of bacteria and viruses into a zone.